5 Enterprise 2.0 forecasts for 2014


Some business tech trends that we'll see next year can be predicted quite easily: more companies will move to SaaS, more employees will be able to work using the mobile devices, more industry-specific solutions will arise. More and more companies will not select Microsoft office as office suite and not Windows as desktop operating system. But all these trends - are in the middle of the long transaction. Lets try to forecast the spikes that could be expected in 2014:

1. New aggressive Microsoft

The new CEO will come to Microsoft and clearly his task will be not maintaining stability. We expect some unexpected changes. For example, Microsoft can considerable reduce its pricing down to free. Cheap Surface tables, cheap Nokia Windows-phones, free version of Office365, Windows8 for $ 20. Why not? Next spring Win XP will become unsupported and many companies will choose between Windows and ChromeOS. And MS Office also has very strong competitors.

2. Online marketing services

Perhaps the most money in 2013 IT giants spent for acquiring marketing automation providers. So in this year we expect some integrated marketing solutions for large companies and many marketing startups for SMB. In particular, some PPC ads aggregators will become very popular.

3. Big Data

Let's face it: the main purpose of today's cloud computing - is basically not computing, but storage. Today cloud services almost don't think and give answers to us. They just store information that we upload or enter. This will change. Cloud services will get some artificial intelligence that will process large amounts of information and provide us simple recommendations / solutions . Let's call it with the buzzword Big Data. And we hope that in the next year Big Data will become a competitive advantage of some cloud services over others.

4 . Internet of things and Wearables

Another couple of buzzwords. Hardly these technologies will become very popularity in business next year, but at least we'll see some pilot projects. Equipment that calls to support itself, smart glasses on business users, corporate wearable for authentication and tracking employees. Something like that.

5 . All against Amazon

On the cloud platform market Amazon is beating all others for too long. And all others are rather tired of it. They even become friends and united under the banner of OpenStack. Even Oracle, Salesforce.com and Parallels joined the party at the end of the year. And (according to Aaron Levy) next year we can expect the technological shift that will let this open platform to destroy Amazon's monopoly.