8 tools to mobilize your business apps

Mobile apps

It's well known that the main problem with mobile access to enterprise apps is that software developers physically can't create mobile clients for multiple mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, WebOS ... and now the tablets. Of course, this problem will be solved in future when all mobile browsers will fully support HTML5. Then it will be sufficient to develop a single mobile web-client. But businesses need mobile access right now.

The temporary solution to this problem was proposed by Adobe. This company wanted to embed its flash to all mobile devices and provide developers with a universal development environment that lets you create a mobile application running on all smartphones and tablets. But at least Apple and Microsoft won't let flash on their devices.

This situation caused the emergence of others (more smart) providers of "intermediate" platforms. They for all popular mobile devices create universal clients that can be configured for mobile access to any business application. They also provide visual tools for a developer that can be used to configure this universal client and connect it to business application. So it's the technology similar to flash, but Microsoft and Apple have no reason to ban it, because it is a native app, not the intermediate layer.

Typically, such intermediate platforms provide inbuilt security and administration features that are important for enterprise mobile apps, such as data encryption or remotely data wipe. Moreover, universal mobile clients can work as aggregators and provide access to multiple business apps in a single interface.

Here are the 8 most popular tools for building mobile business apps:

- MobileIron

- LeapFactor

- Couch One Mobile

- DragonRad

- Rhomobile

- Bitzer Mobile

- Webalo

- Worklight