FoKo - Instagram for business


Probably every successful consumer service sooner or later will be used in business and get its business clones. We have already seen Facebooks, Twitters, Dropboxes for enterprise ... Now the Instagram's turn has come. Of course, many companies are already using Instagram for their business goals. For example, sending to customers pictures of new products or simply pictures of the company life - to enhance loyalty. And what if use such service for collaboration within a company? This is the idea that gave birth to FoKo - the Instagram for business. Who can use it? For example, teams that collaborate on some (material) project. Build a new store for example. FoKo can add drive and speed to such projects. Or it can be useful for any company that wants to bring together all their employees (because a friendly team works better).

Or FoKo can be used to send pictures of new products to trusted partners / clients. The pictures that you don't want to show to the public.

Why not use Instagram for these purposes? First, if you let employees to "work" in Instragram - they will forget about work. Secondly , Instagram does not promise security of you pics, and posting the commercially secret pictures via it is not a good idea.

Regarding monetization, FoKo developers use the same model as many social intranets. Having registered with corporate email address employees automatically form the company network and can use FoKo for free. But if the company management wants to control / moderate the communication process - they have to pay (pricing is not available yet).