How to advertise your videos on YouTube?


You have already created a video about your product or business and put it on your site? OK, that's a good thing, because the video - is the most convenient way to tell customers your story. But don't stop at this point. After all, there is another great opportunity - video ads on Youtube. Your potential customers are hanging there - be sure. And you can pay a small price (10-30 cents) to make them watch your video. Probably you already know how Youtube promotes videos: roll them before other video clips, embed in search results or shows in the right column - over related videos (you can choose one of these options when setting up your video advertising campaign) . How effective are these video ads?

Unlike contextual and banner advertising where you pay per impression or click, in the case with video advertising - you pay for more close contact with the potential customer - for viewing. After all, even if you paid the same 10-30 cents per click and user comes to your website - you can't be sure that he wont immediately close it. And in case with video ads - you only pay if user is interested in watching your story. For example, if your video is pre-rolled in front of another video and user closed/skipped it during first 30 seconds - you don't pay .

When creating video ads you have quite a lot of targeting options: geography, gender, keywords, topics, user interests and even re-targeting tools (for example , to show video only to users who have previously watched your channel).

Where you need to go to create Youtube video ads? To your Adwords account. Previously, it was quite a complicated process, but just recently Google made it very simple and straightforward, so you can spend 3 minutes and start your first video campaign.