New accessory for executives - electronic business card


If you are an executive and taking care about your prestige, you should know that the traditional business cards - are already outdated. They don't even contain photos and maps with the office location and if you want to send email to the business card owner or visit his website - you have to type the address manually! Very soon in order to exchange business cards, people will simply bump their smartphones to share their beautiful and solid electronic business cards with links to all their profiles in social networks. This will become an everyday ritual and noone will be surprised. But for now, you can use it to improve your image in the eyes of your partners. So here is the plan: install CardCloud app on your iPhone (what? you don't have iPhone yet?), fill in your profile, upload your photo. Then come to business meeting, take your iPhone and offer your partner to exchange electronic business cards. What? He still don't have a e-card? Ok, no problem, just enter his email to CardCloud - and he will receive your beautiful business card by email:

In addition to exchanging business cards or sending them via Email, CardCloud also allows to add notes to electronic business cards. I.e. after or during the business meeting, you can enter notes about your agreements, so you won't forget about them.