SoIP - the future of SaaS


While for most executives and business owners the technology called SaaS (software as a service) is still something from the future, it's already clear what will be the next step. We aren't going to predict the name of the new future technology. Let's call it, for example, SoIP (Service over IP). The idea is that businesses really don't need software (either on the own server, or on the server of external provider). They need specific solutions. They need services that they can order via the Internet, control and get results via the Internet. Of course, this is not a super-new idea. Existing SaaS-providers already understand this trend and add non-software value to their services. For example, Salesforce now offers not just CRM (f program for managing customer base), but the ready customer base with the help of Jigsaw. For example, Huddle not only provides a project management workspace, but also allows to find people for your projects. For example, SlideRocket not only provides a software for creating presentations, but also provides the media content library or even a ready-made presentations ...