Web apps - the future of Mobile Enterprise?

Mobile Enterprise

Imagine that you develop some business app and want to create a mobile version. But on what platform it should work? Everything was simple few years ago - the only device for mobile business apps was PocketPC with Windows Mobile. But now the choice of mobile platforms has become too large. Just during the past few days 3 new mobile OS appeared: Windows Phone, MeeGo (by Nokia and Intel) and bada (by Samsung). Add to them iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Maemo and Symbian (by Nokia) and Windows Mobile (which will be an alternative to Windows Phone for a long time). What smartphone your clients may use? Almost any of them.

Adobe is try to provide the solution for this problem. They announced that in the near future will introduce the Flash-platform (which includes the Flash-player, AIR, development tools, and media server) for all mobile devices, so that developers don't need to create a separate application for each platform. But Adobe already has 2 problems: iPhone and Windows Phone, which do not support Flash (and probably will not). For these closed platforms, Adobe offers a tool for converting flash-application to a native app, but the performance of such application can's be optimal.

Perhaps the most beautiful and perspective solution - sre Web-based mobile applications that work in mobile browser. Google is the one to push this solution (remember the Google Voice for the iPhone). However, here everything depends on the development of mobile browsers and the introduction of HTML5 standards. Because without HTML5 mobile web-apps can't work fast and provide offline access.