What if 50% of time employees worked from home?


U.S. site CarInsurance.org published a small research about the benefits of working remotely from home (via the Internet). First of all, why this site (that sells car insurance) conducted such research? Of course, to make some marketing, but also because working from home can considerably save auto insurance costs (for the insurer :), because customers working from home rarely get in the road accidents. And now about the bonuses for workers and their employers. The average american employee drives to work and spends $1,500 a year (on gasoline). So if he works 50% of time at home, he can save $750. And how much time can he save? The study gives a figure 25 minutes per day (109 hours per year), but it's likely that for many people this figure may be much higher.

But the main thing - it certainly the health. 3 of 4 people, partially working from home, say that they eat healthier and have lower weight, blood pressure and stress level. And 8 out of 10 remote workers say that they feel happy thanks to the good work-life balance. And happy employee - is a productive employee. Research says that working 50% of time from home increases employee productivity by 10-20% (it's hard to tell how they came to this figure).