Why Google needs the own programming language?

Google Go language

Last week, Google added the new programming language Go to its cloud platform Google App Engine. And this language was developed by Google. The question is - does the world need another programming language? It's clear that Google competes with Microsoft and other IT giants for the attention of every developer and it would be happy to bind the developers to their own language. But why the developers would learn a new language? Why not, thought Google engineers. After all, the existing programming languages were created long ago when there where no multi-core processors, no web applications, no cloud platforms with high scalability. In result, when coding cloud applications with the existing tools, developers often become a little frustrated. And Go is originally created to work in the cloud environment. And of course it's totally open-source.

Go's specialization - is server systems. While the main language for coding server systems at the moment is C (and in particular, Microsoft's C#). That's the primary target for Go - to replace C. As Google engineers say, Go is more fast, secure and stable than the C (especially in the cloud environment). On the other hand, it will be as comfortable as modern scripting languages Ruby and Python, allowing developers to quickly understand it and significantly reduce the development cycles.

Recall that another platform-lover - Salesforce - has also developed its own programming language for Force.com - Apex.