WOW! Enterprise Health management platforms


Good companies should take care of their employees, intend to make them happier. And IT systems should help them. That's why we like the talent management systems that help to develop employee talents. We like enterprise social networks that help to make friends with colleagues. We like Gamification that makes work more interesting. We like all online applications, because they allow to work out of office and improve the quality of life. And we really liked the new concept - enterprise health management. Moreover, it's no longer just a concept - but quite successful business for several startups. For example, Shapeup, Wellthy, or the service from the Google Health co-founder Adam Bosworth - Keas. These startups get millions in investments and among their clients - such corporations as Sprint, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, etc. So what are these services?

You probably know that there is a large number of personal health management services and programs. For example, you set there some health-related goals (to lose weight to X pounds, run X miles every day, eat X calories ...) and register the results. But not everyone has enough self-control to use such programs. Because there is no responsibility to anyone. It's like to buy a training device and not go to the gym.

However, if you engage the entire staff to such system, arrange competition and award the winners - that's when people begin actively take care of their health.

For example, Keas (on the picture) is an enterprise health-focused social network. First of all, it allows to talk about health-related topics with colleagues, share experience. Second, it contains the gamification platform, which allows to organize competition between employees or departments. Points can be earned, for example, for visiting sport room, ordering healthy food for lunch, personal goals achievement.

Remarkably, the service can be used not only during working hours, but at any time. For example, you can go to picnic with your co-workers and arrange competition out there, and then put results into the system. The winners will get (real or virtual) awards from the company.

Adam Bosworth says that their customers have no problem to make employees using the system. In few days they all register their (because for inviting colleague you get 5 points). Keas costs $12/year per employee. And, of course, the health of employees - is worth of it.